The Coins of British India
Two Annas

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Obverse Types A, B

Coins minted from 1862 through 1873 all have the date 1862.
The legend reads "Victoria Queen" for coins dated 1862 - 1876.
It reads "Victoria Empress" for coins dated 1877 - 1901.

The Two Annas coin has two distinct Obverse designs, which can be identified by examining the panels on the front of the dress.

Type A - The front of the dress has 4 panels. The bottom panel has 3 leaves at the left and a small flower at the upper right.
Type B - The front of the dress has 3-1/2 panels. The bottom incomplete panel has only 3 leaf tops showing.

Obverse Bust A
Bust Type "A"
Detail Obverse Bust A
Detail of Bust Type "A"

Obverse Bust B
Bust Type "B"
Detail Obverse Bust B
Detail of Bust Type "B"
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